Hometown: Havana, Cuba

What I do at exhale: I am Mind Body Manager for the Stamford, CT location, and I teach barre, sport and cardio classes as well.

My background: I was a principal ballerina with the Miami City Ballet as well as Pittsburgh Ballet Theater for almost twenty years. I then worked on Broadway in NYC as one of the two principal female roles in the Twyla Tharp/Billy Joel musical Movin’ Out for three years, and then once that show closed I joined the cast of the longest running show on Broadway: Phantom of the Opera.

My certifications: I am certified in barre.

What’s in my gym bag: Extra leggings, make up, my current book, now…at least one diaper and emergency milk bottle, and of course, a pair of pointe shoes…just in case.

What song do I have on repeat: Anything by Pitbull, and of course, virtuoso guitar player Joe Satriani, or Vivaldi.

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Tostones, almond milk, yogurt, glorious cheese, wagyu burgers, tons of veggies for both juices and salads, and I couldn’t get by without a pint of Hazed and Confused by Ben and Jerry.

My typical day: Kiss my husband, take care of my beautiful new baby: Skylar, and then get going with some hazelnut coffee and then take a small workout to get my body going. I then go to exhale Stamford to manage and teach, and then when the day is through, I come home to a wonderful dinner and guitar or piano serenade from my husband. Good night.

When I’m not teaching, I take class with : I usually take with one of our lovely teachers in Stamford as we have the highest quality roster for both yoga and barre.

When I’m not at exhale: I like to go hiking, swimming, or garden a bit, and certainly skype with my awesome twin sister who teaches at exhale Miami!

Fun Fact about myself: I have an absolute love for hawks, osprey, eagles and falcons, as well as my cats.

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: For a fairly accomplished ballerina, I stumble and trip more than I’d like to admit.

At my core, I am: A Libra, a Cuban/American, an artist and a lover of all things Skylar and Tyler.