Move over, açaí! These gorgeous bright pink pitaya bowls are packed with nutrients — and they’re oh, so Instagram-worthy. What’s a Pitaya? If you’re wondering what pitaya is, it’s just another name for dragon fruit. This pretty superfood is packed with glow-inducing antioxidants, immunity-boosting vitamins, and a host of health benefits. It naturally detoxes the body, aids digestion, and destroys free radicals to keep your hair and skin youthful and glowing. Where to find Pitaya Puree You can usually find pre-made pitaya puree packs in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store. (We used Pitaya Plus.) INGREDIENTS 12 ounces frozen Pitaya (Dragonfruit) puree or fresh fruit cut into cubes1/4 cup coconut water1 banana, sliced1/2 cup chopped
Category: Exhale Eats