Meet Nicole Uribarri, exhale’s National Director of Mind Body Management, Core Fusion and Yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer – and our new Mind Body Manager at exhale Upper East Side.

What’s in your gym bag? A change of clothes- I teach multiple classes daily, and constantly need a “costume change.” Snacks- hard boiled eggs, Krave Turkey Jerky, and a big bottle of water.

What can we always find on your playlist? This changes often… I love Prince, especially Purple Rain.  I love anything and everything by Jason Mraz. Beyonce is always one of my go-tos.
And right now, I am rekindling my love for The Postal Service.

What’s in your fridge? Sparkling water, almond milk, eggs, Greek yogurt, almond butter, plus all the veggies: broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, kale, and spinach. You’ll also probably find a chilled bottle of LaMarca prosecco… because bubbly is always a good idea!

What’s a typical day for you, and what do you normally eat in a day? My starts with a Core Fusion class I am either taking or teaching. Then, it’s a protein-packed breakfast of hard boiled eggs or a Macro Bar, usually consumed on-the-go. Then I get to work! Depending on the day, my job duties vary between teaching, class programming, outreach, teacher management and all things necessary to keep exhale’s Mind Body Program flourishing. My days are long, but fulfilling! I tend to pack my lunch (usually a simple combination of protein and greens) and eat at my desk. After work, I’ll head home, and make dinner for my husband and I. Meal planning is vital, so I almost always have our weekly dinners prepped. We eat anything and everything! I keep it clean; veggies, high protein, high fat, low sugar. Regardless of how busy my husband is, he’ll always stop everything to spend an hour with me to have dinner and touch base on our day. After dinner, we typically log back on and get back to work. Finally, bed time… and repeat.

Who are your favorite exhale teachers? I love taking Core Fusion Extreme (HIIT), Core Fusion Cardio, and Core Fusion Barre with Bergen! Also,
Core Fusion Barre with Antonella, Core Fusion Barre with Nefertiti, and exhale Power Yoga with Tammy!

Where can we find you when you’re not at exhale? Spending time with my husband and friends, dancing, running, cooking, or dog-sitting.

What’s one of your quirks? I can do the voice of Marcel the Shell.

A fun fact about you? I married my high school sweet heart!

How would you describe yourself at the core? A student… working towards growth, open to learning, and always evolving!

Catch Nicole at exhale Upper East Side for Core Fusion and Yoga! Sign up here!