Hometown: Boston

What I do at exhale: Mind Body Manager at exhale Back Bay for almost 9 years! I am also honored to be one of the six Subject Matter Experts that have been working on the accreditation of the exhale Barre Teacher Training Program!

My background: A dancer from the age of three, I earned my BFA in Modern Dance/Minor in Ballet from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In New York I danced professionally with several modern dance companies and in Philadelphia with the Opera Company of Philadelphia and Convergence: Dances + Musicians, a company that always performed with live musicians. I also performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for two years.

My certifications: ACE certified Personal Trainer, certified teacher for all Core Fusion classes, PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone. I’m also a certified teacher of CPR and First Aid.

Favorite neighborhood spot: Thinking Cup

My favorite local restaurant is: Maggiano’s. We bring the kids there every now and then and the staff is always so nice to them.

What’s in my gym bag: Dark chocolate covered raisins, drawings from my kids, my subbing book, cough drops.

What song do I have on repeat: The entire You + Me album from Rose Ave.

What’s in my refrigerator right now: Eggs, Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, light cream for my coffee and some yummy salad stuff.

My typical day: I wake up around 5am, drink my lemon water, kiss my husband and kids goodbye while they’re still sleeping, teach three or more classes, manage the exhale back Bay location, head home to take my kids to whichever activities they have that day, then try to figure out what we are going to eat for dinner. After dinner, bedtime routine with the kids and if we’re lucky, some time alone with my husband.

When I’m not teaching, I take class with: as many of our amazing Core Fusion and Yoga teachers as I can! My schedule varies day to day so I do my best to take whatever I can when I can.

When I’m not at exhale: I am with my husband and kids, playing in our yard (when it’s not full of snow), watching the Bruins or Red Sox, or watching HGTV.

Fun Fact about myself: When I was in college, I worked as Ernie and Prairie Dawn at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania for a summer. The best moment of that summer was when the Make A Wish Foundation brought some children in to meet the characters at Sesame Place. One little boy pulled on my sweater and said, “Ernie, can I hold you?” Dancing in the summer heat was exhausting, but that moment put it all into perspective. It reminded me that we sometimes take the little things we do each day for granted that in the moment, might not mean that much to us, but can mean the world to someone else!

I’ll admit it, my quirk is: When my sports teams are in the play-offs! As sort of a superstitious thing, I will wear the same clothes the exact same way, as long as they are winning. You NEVER mess with a winning streak!

At my core, I am: Always striving to do my best for myself and others.