One of life’s biggest misconceptions is that a PERFECT DIET exists… and in reality, it NEVER has. Our diet has always depended on our day to day resources; and once upon a time (and still in many places) if you didn’t farm or hunt, you didn’t eat.

In fact, many people (including me) believe that adopting a farmer-hunter mindset is the first step in successful portion control that can help with weight loss. For some the thought of this seems impossible (and maybe even gruesome) but that’s exactly the point.

Imagine having to harvest and/or hunt

EVERYTHING you ate….

(you probably wouldn’t eat as much!)

A Snapshot of The Standard American Diet
(pigs, cows, chickens and fish. Where does it all come from?)


  • eggs
  • pancakes
  • bacon
  • orange juice
  • (may include cheese, syrup, butter, etc)


  • lettuce
  • chicken breast
  • caesar (anchovy) dressing
  • cheese
  • croutons


  • beef
  • mixed vegetables

If you aren’t vegan, this game may not be as shocking, but some of the most unlikely “natural foods” can have odd additives, too. “7 Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren’t”

Take “The Hunger Games” Challenge

What are 3 foods you LOVE? Anything from strawberries to sausage is ok, as long as it’s a whole food. Do a quick search on the process of how a day’s worth of meals get to your plate, from start to finish. (See outrageous example below)

The results may surprise, relieve, (or disgust) you!

1. Do your discoveries change the way you feel toward your favorites?

2. If you had to do EVERYTHING yourself would you eat the same?

3. If your favorites are expensive, does it’s process change the way that you feel about the price?


The idea is that the super production of our food system tricks us into thinking we should always eat more. From plucking chicken feathers to braving the cold for Alaskan crab, if each one of us had to produce and prepare everything we ate, we’d likely eat less and definitely eat healthier since everything would be made to order.

And of course, we would be more fit (after farming and hunting all day).

Thinking this way helps many people conquer portion control and weight loss.



Blueberry Basil Smoothie

  • 1c coconut milk
  • 1/4c blueberries
  • 1tb fresh basil (you may need sweetener, we love dates)