The process of shaping your brows is no longer simply about plucking and waxing with a stencil to fit a one-size-fits-all mold. According to our Exhale Spa brow specialists, brow shaping is an art aimed to frame your face and enhance your natural shape. Our top waxers are committed to providing a high quality, and personalized shaping regimen that will keep your brows looking consistently shapely and fabulous. We’re thrilled to share a little bit more about our top brow Queens here at Exhale in New York City.    



   Known to many as the Queen of Brows, Angela Marinescu has been shaping the brows of celebs and New Yorkers alike at Exhale for the past 13 years. Her philosophy in doing brows is that “there is no one size fits all approach to sculpting the face. Everyone has different brows. The important thing is to always create a brow that makes a strong  statement to accessorize your eyes and face.” You can follow Angela on Instagram @thequeenofbrows      “I had the most amazing experience with Angela Marinescu. She is a true artist!!! I was so nervous using someone new after many years and I could not have been any happier with my results. Angela analyzed my face and showed me what she was going to do before starting. My natural thick eyebrows are still there but just in better shape. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expert.” – MK Brooklyn NY   “I went to Angela Marinescu (@thequeenofbrows) for some serious brow love. She tinted and carefully plucked and groomed my brows to better frame my face. We also mapped out a plan of attack to get my brows growing again. I came away feeling great about my experience and better educated. She will be a part of my self-care and maintenance regime.” – Leah R New York, NY   “I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted with Angela and I have to say, I was WOWED. I have tried various spas and and salons and never has someone put in so much thought, time and effort into a service. Angela is a true artist when it comes to eyebrows and while you might not know me, it takes a lot for me to give that compliment! I will definitely be back! Thank you again Angela.”    



   Mar McCown specializes in brow shaping, tinting, lash lifts and Microblading and has been in the field for 8 years. To Mar, “brow shaping is an art form” and she is continuously furthers her expertise through seminars and conventions to ensure her guests are receiving the best treatments possible. She executes a shape that enhances your natural beauty and works with you to develop a consistent regime. You can follow Mar on Instagram @skincarebymar.   mar-brows   To book a service with Angela or Mar, please call 212.561.6401 or visit us at for more info.