For some, having fitness plan in place is a necessary step in actually booking your workouts. But commitment can be scary. That’s why we’re breaking down our newest fitness plan so you can determine if it’s the right pack for you!What is a Flex Pack? A flex pack is a discounted series of 4 or 6 classes that auto-renews monthly so you don’t have think about stocking up when your classes run out.   Is a flex pack right for me? If you’re all about the hustle and bustle and you don’t always know what the following month’s schedule holds, then a Flex Pack is for you. You have the choice between taking class 4 or 6 times a month and you can cancel and restart anytime if your schedule changes.   I’ve used up my classes this month. How do I add more? You can add additional classes to your Flex Pack at any time, at the same discounted flex pack rate (that’s up to an $8 savings per class*) — so, you always have the option to maximize your flex pack! Simply mention that you want more classes upon check in for your last class. However, if you find yourself adding more than 2 classes a month, then a membership may be a better option for you.   Can I use my flex pack for all class types? Yes! With a flex pack, you can choose from any of our fitness classes. Try a little of everything for some well-rounded variety!   BarreTone and strengthen your body.   CardioGet your blood pumping and your metabolism racing.   YogaCalm your body and center your mind.   What makes the flex pack so flexible? You are free to cancel or restart at any time! No commitment and no stress.   Why is March the best month to purchase a Flex Pack? During the month of March, you’ll receive one free month of Exhale On Demand* with your purchase of a Flex Pack! This will allow you to incorporate some fun at home or on-the-go workouts into your flexible workout schedule. TRY A FLEX PACK THIS MONTH and let’s see how hard you can flex!     *Price per class savings differ per region. Must purchase a Flex Pack by March 31, 2019 to enjoy free month of Exhale On Demand