Working together as a family to take on healthier habits is a great way to set everyone on the right track towards an active and lively lifestyle! Not only is it fun and easy to take on healthy habits as a team, but it creates a sense of purposeful teamwork that brings everyone together. Here are some ways you can be that driving force for your squad!   Set a good example Lead by example and make it all about the positivity! Whether you’re speaking about your body, food or health in general, make a conscious effort to keep the comments constructive and positive. No negativity necessary!     Limit screen time We all need our TV breaks, but make an effort not to let it bleed into the day for too long. By putting a time limit on TV and encouraging other relaxing activities such as reading and face-to-face conversations, you’ll improve sleep, increase focus, and better the overall wellbeing of the entire family.   Drink lots of water Keep the water flowing! Instead of giving into juices and other sugary drinks, make sure that water is the #1 drink of choice. Not only does it improve skin health and keep your digestive system running like a smooth machine, but it also boosts performance during sporting events and workouts.   Get outdoors! Encourage everyone to get outside! On a beautiful day, round up the family for a group bike ride, hike, or throw a ball around in the backyard! No matter what you do, being outside keeps everyone moving and soaking up the fresh air.   Get the kids involved in meal prep! Have the kids help out with prepping a healthy meal! Getting the kids involved exposes them to healthy habits early and makes them feel like they’re contributing to the family’s nutrition!   Consistent bed times Set a time and stick to it! If bedtime is 8:30, start winding everyone down around 7:30. That means TV off, PJ’s on and bedtime stories out. A good night’s sleep is the key to a lively next day!   Take some time for yourself In order to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself first. While the kids are occupied, sneak away for an hour to fit in some self-care. A fitness class or spa therapy goes a long way for your overall state of wellbeing. And when all is well within you are a better equipped to handle all that life with littles throws at you. Can’t sneak away for an hour? Exhale On Demand allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you be fitting in some fitness, but you’ll be setting a positive example for your kids — and who knows, they might even want to roll out the mat with you! Remember, you’re stronger together.