MYTHBUSTERS – Fitness Edition

It can be easy to let the common fitness misconceptions distract us from our goals and the proper ways to get there. Many people allow themselves to become influenced by these misleading ideas, and therefor risk taking on unhealthy habits and unrealistic fitness goals. In an effort to stop these misconceptions from dictating our fitness journeys, we are busting some of most common myths one by one and setting the record straight! Let’s get busting.   Lifting weights leads to bulk False! Weights are a great way to increase your lean muscle mass and boost your body’s productivity when it comes to calorie burning. So next time you’re in an Exhale class, embrace those weights!   Eating less is the answer to achieving your weight loss goals Limiting the amount of food you eat is essentially just limiting your energy intake. The importance lies in WHAT you are eating, not solely how much. Fill up on nutrition-packed foods consistently throughout the day that will keep your energy high and will help your body recover after workouts. Try some of these Exhale teacher approved delicious post-workouts snacks!   Every workout needs to be intense Similar to how we think about food, we like to think that the same rule of quality over quantity applies to our workouts. Instead of overworking your body with grueling workouts every single day, we need to take the time to rest and recover in order to achieve the results we want. During this time of recovery is when our muscles repair themselves, allowing for us to get the maximum reward for our workout. Exhale Recovery is the perfect way to wind down while focusing on your body and mind’s much needed replenishment.   Carbs are the enemy The fear of carbs is very common and very misunderstood. Our bodies need complex carbohydrates regularly and are often packed with healthy fiber and protein. Choose your carbs wisely and opt for brown rice, steel cut oats, and whole wheat breads. Experiment with seasonal ingredients and don’t be afraid of healthy carbs.   Consistently stick to one exercise method Sticking to one exercise method is only holding you back from reaching that diversified and result-yielding routine! Keep mixing it up with barrecardio, and yoga classes to keep your body moving in different ways and to keep your routine fresh and fun.