Developing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen on its own — it takes planning and goal-setting. While this initially may seem like a daunting task, lots of small steps will in time, lead to big results. This is why we’ve put together a guide to get you motivated and keep you consistent. All of a sudden, reaching those goals doesn’t seem so out of reach.  

  1. Set realistic goals and expectations. Set yourself up for success by implementing a plan that is attainable enough to keep you encouraged and engaged – while challenging you along the way! Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see the results right away. Trust the process and keep going.
  2. Plan out your workouts in advance. Map out your plan of action by scheduling your workouts for the week. Going with an unlimited fitness plan gives you the flexibility so you don’t have to think about how many classes you have left in your account — and you can focus on sculpting your fitness plan to fit with your schedule! No stress, and all the freedom you need.
  3. Track! Keep track of all your progress to keep you motivated and encouraged — and high five yourself along the way
  4. Plan out your meals. Consistency in the kitchen is just as important as consistency in the studio. Planning out your meals ahead of time leaves less room for unhealthy decisions and saves you the time and money that you may end up spending on Uber Eats (we all know the drill).
  5. Find a workout buddy. Not only does having a workout buddy make breaking a sweat more fun, but it also keeps you both in check! Hold each other accountable and encourage each other along the way!
  6. Pack your fitness clothes the night before a workout Don’t wait until morning to pack your workout clothes (this will just leave room for you to talk yourself out of it)! Pack everything the night before and save yourself a few minutes that you can better spend on grabbing a boost of caffeine.
  7. Take your workouts with you. Can’t make it into the studio? Instead of skipping your workout all together, pull up an Exhale On Demand video on your device, and fit in a workout wherever you are! Whether you’re in a hotel room, on the beach, or at home with the little one, you can achieve that same satisfying Exhale sweat that you get in the studio. #noexcuses.