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Always wanted to become a morning-workout person, but never knew where to start? These go-to tips from exhale experts, teachers, and team members might actually turn you into a morning person. Read on — then book your next morning class here! Holly Keskey, teacher at exhale Chicago Set 5 alarms! Sounds insane but it keeps you from hitting the snooze and going right back to sleep. By alarm number 5, you’re annoyed by the noise and awake. Drink a full glass of cold water before your coffee. Make it a date. If you have a friend join and you flake at 6AM… there are repercussions for that! The longer you do it,
By exhale co-founder, Fred DeVito 1.  Maximize calorie burn and weight control Look for workouts like exhale Barre that raise your metabolic rate and stoke up your calorie burn around the clock. A one-hour run will burn a lot of calories during that hour, but you need to consider what you are burning the other 23 hours of the day. 2. Balance Your Workouts The muscular system, unlike all of the other systems of the body, does not automatically find balance – but you can balance your body with a mix of strength, cardio, and flexibility. In exhale classes, we balance your muscles with equal amounts of strength, cardio, and flexibility so you can
Working together as a family to take on healthier habits is a great way to set everyone on the right track towards an active and lively lifestyle! Not only is it fun and easy to take on healthy habits as a team, but it creates a sense of purposeful teamwork that brings everyone together. Here are some ways you can be that driving force for your squad!   Set a good example Lead by example and make it all about the positivity! Whether you’re speaking about your body, food or health in general, make a conscious effort to keep the comments constructive and positive. No negativity necessary!     Limit screen time We all
Featured Fitness Expert: Kate Havlicek, Fitness Teacher at Exhale NoMad NYC In our hectic 2020 lives, we are constantly in search of ways to make our day-to-day routine more efficient and balanced. When it comes to building an effective and consistent fitness routine, it’s important to prioritize workouts that are both attainable and challenging at the same time. Luckily for us, one of the top rising trends in the fitness industry allows us to fit in shorter, highly effective workouts…so we can really do it all. Hybrid workouts are on the rise as a dynamic combination of more than one modality, all in one class. Fitting in more variety in a shorter amount of