By Core Fusion Co-Founder, Fred DeVito

When my wife, Lis, and I developed Core Fusion, our goal was to create transformational classes that combined the mindfulness of a yoga practice with strength, toning, and flexibility for a full body workout. To guide our vision, we adopted mantras for the Core Fusion program that serve as a baseline in each class. As you start your fitness journey in 2015, take a moment and reflect upon how these mantras can carry you through any class – challenging yourself to create the change you want to see in your body, your mind, and your rear…I mean, your YEAR!

Core Fusion Class Mantras:

  • We believe that you should move from a place of wisdom, not ego.
  • We eliminate the need to compete or compare in class.
  • We encourage you to focus on your breath, clear your mind of your thoughts and react to the teacher’s cues from the inside out.
  • Work hard, do your best, but make position and alignment your first priority over movement.
  • Trust your teacher: we teach with foundation set ups and build progressions so the exercises are all inclusive and transformational.
  • The class never gets easier, you just continue to get better.
  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.