Got any plans for Fourth of July? Not to worry if your plans aren’t set in stone yet, because exhale has you covered! Here are our three must-do’s this holiday weekend (because we’ll welcome a dose of wellbeing along with the parties and fireworks any day):

  1. THE RECIPE: a blueberry coconut acai bowl! DIY or stop by a local juice bar. This red, white and blue breakfast is fit for a party, and it’s also the perfect pre- or post-workout treat.
  2. THE SWEAT SESH: Amid all the parties and travels, we’ll be happily sweating it out in the studio this weekend to look and feel our best for that Fourth of July barbeque! Can’t make it to class? Slay the party bloat with a two-minute plank, a few push-ups, and lots of water.
  3. THE ME-TIME: Inspired by exhale’s Brighten Facial, which uses a mask infused with green tea, try this DIY-face mask that harnesses the powerful benefits of this natural antioxidant! Simply cut open a green tea bag and mix in equal parts water and honey until you have a soap-like consistency. Apply to your face and leave on for 15 minutes (practice some mindfulness while you’re at it!) before washing it off. Voila! Beautiful skin in minutes. Green tea energizes, brightens, and calms your skin – so you’re ready and glowing all weekend.

Nothing says “celebration” quite like a little wellbeing. These quick and easy tricks are perfect to do anytime, anywhere and guarantee a healthy and happy holiday weekend.