Turns out that working out not only makes us stronger…it also makes us smarter. Here’s the latest on how.

In other news, one savvy City Council just announced a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Philly is the second city in the nation (after New York!) to create such a law. We love this initiative and hope to see a lot more smoothies and juices replacing chemical-laden sodas.

Looking for a healthier (and sweeter!) alternative to your fave sugary beverage? Check out these tips to get the most out of your smoothie!

Off to the Hamptons this weekend? Core Fusion co-founders and ultimate Hampton-goers, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, told PureWow how they’d spend their favorite Saturday evening out east. Want more of Fred + Lis’ Hamptons faves? Read them all here.

And speaking of summer must-do’s, if you haven’t had your summer solstice party already, get planning! If you need a little inspiration to get the party started, these DIY acai bowls double as decor and a delicious treat!

It’s classic. It’s effective. And it’s in every Core Fusion class. Here’s how to master the push-up.

Turns out that mindfulness doesn’t need to be difficult (or labor-intensive). Here are a few more common meditation myths debunked. This weekend, we’ll be bringing a few of these tips to Chill Yoga class at exhale! Join us – your body and your mind will thank you.