We applaud the NYC fitness community for teaming up to raise awareness and promote gun safety and regulation with their colorful campaign, Guns Against Gun Violence. Our very own Fred Devito, Bergen Wheeler, and Julie Bobek joined the movement showing off their core fusion-built biceps.

If you’re working out, but not seeing results, perhaps it’s how you are working out (versus how much). From classic exercises such asplank or bicep curl, to the pretzel, plie, or waterski, make sure your form and alignment is on point (pun intended) so you make the most of every class.

Nothing beats the smell of a fresh garden in summertime…particularly the smell from flowers that have a positive effect on you wellbeing.  Lavender, mint, and chamomile are not only delicious aromatics, but they’re also beneficial to your   skin, and yummy cooking ingredients! Interested in growing your own garden? Here’s all you need to know to get started.

They’re the age-old questions: how much gratuity should I leave for my massage therapist? Should I keep my undergarments on for the massage? Or take them off? Should I steam before or after my therapy? Exhale’s National Spa Director and ultimate spa etiquette guru, Laura Benge, answers all your questions (and more).

It might be barbeque season, but we would never say no to a picnic. Check out these crowd pleasing, easy, healthy picnic recipes that are sure to please the entire fam. Got a smaller group? We have some awesome tips for making the perfect meal in a single bowl – portable, mess-free, healthy, delicious…yes please!