It’s that wonderful time of year again, where any makeup you put on ends up halfway down your face thanks to that lovely July humidity. Not fun. Who even wants to spend time pouring on foundation when the sun is up and the beach is waiting!? Follow in BAZAAR’s Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, Nana Meriwether’s footsteps, and challenge yourself to go nearly makeup-free this summer. To be able to do this confidently, Meriwether suggests treating yourself to a Magic Facial (for real – exhale offers a facial that has the word “magic” in its name). And to maintain those magical results, give your face the gift of… some freshly brewed kombucha? Yup! The chemical free, nutrient-packed, and probiotic dense tea might be your new skin care secret.

We have a couple more secrets up our sleeves – or at least pulled up on our browsers. There is a new kind of yoga that doesn’t require trained teachers or an exhale studio. Yoga for your face! Just as yoga tones and tightens the muscles in your body, it can do the same for pesky wrinkles and saggy jaw lines. Try these simple exercises once a day, anywhere, anytime, and watch as nature gives you a facelift.

Who has time to head all the way back home after a workout to get cleaned up? And who would want to in one of the most luxurious locker rooms (yes, exhale is on that list). With just a couple tools, these healthy hair tips are perfect for a quick post-class ‘do.

Bowls are the new plates. Throwing together a myriad of healthy ingredients into a ceramic white bowl might just be the easiest – and prettiest – health food craze yet. Need some inspiration? Feed a crowd with these “buddha bowls” or try going raw with this cauliflower veggie rice recipe.

That moment when…it’s five minutes before barre and you have nothing to wear. Take a cue from Goldie Hawn, who we spotted shopping at one of exhale’s NYC locations! This didn’t go over too well with her daughter Kate Hudson, ultimate barre star and Fabletics founder, but who can blame Goldie when exhale has the best athleisure in town?