It’s Olympic season! Curious to know what these incredible humans are eating over in Rio? Here’s the scoop on how the kitchen at the Olympic village is feeding almost 18,000 people. Although most of us may not be Olympians, we can still learn how to eat like one and pick up a few good tips!

Lift your spirits with these foods that boost your mood! Did you know that pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium? And without magnesium we would all be stress balls with a lot of inflammation. Definitely check out what other foods can keep us feeling happy and healthy!

Another go-to way to reduce inflammation? This amazing, cooling tonic will help do the trick.

We’re loving these 6 steps to uncovering your true spiritual purpose, as explained by an energy healer. Be present and mindful, and take care of your physical self. At exhale, we have a range of acu-healing therapies that will complement this mind + body endeavor!

Ah, the moment we’ve been waiting for–a glossary for all things barre! Our very own barre expert and ultimate Core Fusion guru, Bergen Wheeler, lays out everything you need to know before heading to the barre. From “shallow breathing” to “stall barre,” these semi-obscure terms have all been defined. Now there’s no excuse not to deepen your barre knowledge and crush every Core Fusion class!