The new year is fast approaching — yet most of us don’t start thinking about 2019 goals until after Christmas dinner. Our advice? Start now. Sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make in 2019. Then make a plan to achieve them. Here are the tips and tools we’re using, so you can do the same.
Reflect and grow. Before you can set goals for a new year, a little journaling and reflection on the current year goes a long way. Set aside time to reflect on the areas of your life — from relationships, to health, to career, to finances — and notice areas you’re proud of and areas you’d like to work on.
Less is more. When you zero in on one goal — or just a few — your likelihood of success improves, and you feel more fulfilled when it finally happens.
Small changes lead to big results. Break big goals down into small steps, then focus on those small steps first. Each small change, new habit, and little milestone gets you that much closer to the big goal — whether it’s running a marathon, saving $$ for a trip abroad, or spending more time on self-care.
Check in with your goals. Setting 2019 goals doesn’t stop when the ball drops. Check in each month on how you’re doing – celebrate successes, learn from challenges, and most importantly, don’t get discouraged. Consider every morning and every month a fresh start.

Download our printable template to get started here.