The heat is rising, the days are longer, and we are all ready for some light and positive summer fun. Before you set out for your beach excursion or social distanced pool party, there are a few ways in which we need to prep our skin to ensure that we avoid those pesky summer breakouts, excess oils, and sun damage. We tapped into the expertise of our National Spa Director, Rachael Gallo, to get her input on how we can tweak our skincare routines for summer to ensure that we have a healthy and rejuvenated glow! Let’s break it down.  

What is the best product to use if I’m going to be in the sun? Beach bag must-have?  
Although sunscreen is the obvious choice, lip balm is a must! We often forget about rejuvenating the moisture in our lips. Remember to reapply often throughout the day!

Are there any changes I should make to my routine during the warmer months? Switch up your cleanser during the summer months to help reduce oil, and clean off that hard-to-remove sunscreen. Opt for something gentle enough that won’t irritate your sun-kissed skin, but is effective enough to brighten your tone and remove all the excess oils. The EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser is the perfect balance of being both gentle and effective for your glowing summer skin.

What is the best professional treatment I can give my skin this time of year?
The overall goal for this time of year is to remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated over the winter to allow for the new skin cells to surface and glow. If you’re looking to come in for a therapy, the Brighten Facial is the best in-person option when it comes to rejuvenating skin cells and revealing a fresh glow. With the Fire and Ice Virtual Facial, you can enjoy those same brightening, moisturizing and tightening benefits of a Brighten Facial, right at home!

How do I combat oils and breakouts?
The best thing you can do is add a serum to your routine. We need to add good oils to our skin so we stop overproducing which can cause break outs. Any serum with a hyaluronic ingredient will hydrate and balance the skin to reduce oil and minimize breakouts. The Hydra Cool Serum by iS Clinical is our go-to for maintaining a breakout-free, balanced skin tone.