Prepping for your next facial, all the getting-ready-for-summer details, and other things we loved from around the web recently.

Summer is (almost) upon us, and we’re aiming to up our outdoor dinner game. For inspiration: this amazing dinner on Brooklyn Supper.

Need more inspiration? Here’s a few of the best health cookbooks, according to experts – including exhale’s very own Chicago Spa Director/Core Fusion Teacher/stellar healthy meal maker (and eater!), Claire Schaal.

W Magazine Editors (aka some of the chicest people we know) shared how they’re getting in shape for summer. We especially loved getting a shout-out from W’s Beauty Editor + Core Fusion all-star, Mia: “Between my blatant lack of coordination and the foreign feeling of sweat on my brow, I’ve never warmed up to a workout that isn’t swimming. Exhale’s barre classes changed that—the movements are almost as fluid as being in a pool, I’m hooked!” Hopefully someday we’ll be as graceful as Mia in class.

Neuroscientists at UC Santa Barbara published some pretty convincing research indicating that it’s better (and actually easier!) to give up all your bad habits at once. We’ll be giving up late-night binges, procrastination, sugar…the list goes on.

So Fitbit announced their revenue doubledHere’s what to read if your friend insists you have to have one.

Here’s what to read before your next facial.