By Evelyn LeBel, Core Fusion rockstar + our hero in the studio and out

When Evelyn first started taking classes at exhale, she was ready to make a major lifestyle change while facing unique health challenges. She opens up about her exhale journey, how she got healthy, and the changes she made for the better – in the studio and out.

I’m Evelyn LeBel, and I was born with an extremely rare liver disease. Looking at me you would never know, but inside my body lives an overlarge spleen and a liver that looks like someone has been heavily drinking for 50+ years. This is something I was born with and I have come to accept as part of my life. It means that I have to pay special attention to all things wellbeing — from monitoring my white blood cell count every 3 months to when and how often I’m being active. Most of these numbers stay the same, while some fluctuate here and there. I also see a specialist for my liver every 6 months back in Boston.

For me, staying healthy and exercising was an inconsistent journey — and a lot of times life got in the way. Five years ago, I was overweight. Then I lost it all with stress of college and regular exercise. In 2015, I met my (now ex-) boyfriend – someone who could eat anything he wanted and it just went away… so I followed suit.

Then in January of 2016, I decided to make some big lifestyle changes. I started eating right and slowly going to the gym. I could see some changes, but wanted to move forward even more, so I started seeing a nutritionist. That was when I really started to see the change. I was the fittest I had ever been and taking fitness classes 3 times a week.

In October of 2016, another wave of change caused me to rethink my life. I broke up with my boyfriend, moved to NYC, and committed to my wellbeing. Right before the move, I saw the doctor and everything was “normal”. That was before I really changed my life by taking barre classes at exhale.

I fell in love with exhale the instant I started taking classes, and became an unlimited member pretty quickly. I went to class 3 times a week for the first few months, and then really amped it up to 4-5 times a week — and I’ve never felt stronger.

In April of this year when I went to visit my doctor, he immediately noticed a change. He asked, “what are you doing differently?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant at first, but he began to explain that one of the counts in my blood they monitor was the best it has ever been my whole life. The average person’s number is about 40 and mine used to float at about 52. This time, my number was at 39. That is a whole 12-point drop, which is amazing and the only change aside from moving to NYC was starting up regular Core Fusion classes at exhale. I was still eating right from earlier in the year, but what really transformed my wellbeing was when I changed from my old workouts to exhale’s barre classes. It made me so much healthier.

Thank you Evelyn for sharing your transformation story – you’re our biggest inspiration to conquer every challenge with enthusiasm, tenacity, and strength. We’ll see you in class!