With summer’s end drawing near, be sure to add a little wellbeing to your long weekend with these simple wellbeing practices – even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

  1. Sleep well: a few moments of mindfulness before bedtime can make all the difference in the quality of your nightly shut-eye. Tune in to this video from our mindfulness guru and National Director of Healing, Robert, for the best night’s sleep you’ve had all summer long.
  2. Work out well: whether you’re near an exhale or away on vacay this weekend, get in a little barre time by streaming your favorite exhale class through Fit. Stream a full hour-long class, or squeeze in this 20-minute Barre Blast for your best results in under a half hour.
  3. Shop well: especially on a holiday weekend, grocery shopping can be a whirlwind of long lines, too many options, and a harrowing list of needs. So here’s how to add a few moments of mindfulness to your grocery shopping this weekend from the NY Times Well Blog.
  4. Plan well: it may be the end of summer, but your season of wellbeing is just beginning. Instead of mourning the loss of summer, take some time to book your next fitness class, stock up on spa therapies, or plan your next big getaway or wellbeing retreat. You’ll enter the new season feeling prepped, rested, and ready.
  5. End it well: you know the feeling — you have a great summer weekend, and then your mood plummets when Sunday evening hits. Here’s how to avoid the Sunday Monday scaries this weekend, and the science behind why this happens.