It happens too often: we leave exhale after a class or spa therapy feeling the good vibes, then come home to clutter and the good vibes vanish. Here are 5 easy ways to add wellbeing to your space and take those good vibes home with you: 1. Think: mood lighting. The easiest way to bring exhale’s spa vibes home with you? Set the mood by turning off those bright, overhead lights and adding a few lamps throughout your space. TIP: Replace bright-white lightbulbs with softer Edison bulbs and add a trendy and calming, warm color to your space. Bonus? The warmer light helps you sleep better – it works just like your iPhone’s night setting. 2. Add some greenery. If you want to add one thing to well-ify your space, it’s a plant. They’re natural air purifiers, they’re proven to help reduce stress, fight colds, and brighten any space. TIP: Not big on gardening? Neither are we. Shop The Sill for stylish (and already-potted) plants delivered right to your door. 3. Subtract the stuff. We’ll admit it: the best way to add wellbeing to your space is… well, to subtract. Put blankets, pillows, knick-knacks, and clutter into baskets or bins — we love these simple locker bins and these seagrass baskets — and clear your space of anything you don’t need anymore. TIP: Letting go of “stuff” can be a challenge, so follow this simple mantra: this is your home, not a storage zone. Donate it or throw it away if you haven’t used it in 2 years. 4. Light a candle. They smell amazing, set the mood, and soften any space. These candles are a big hit at exhale HQ. TIP: Fill a simple glass vase with stones, sand or salt and place a candle on top. 5. Add wellbeing with color. Bright, harsh colors can overwhelm a room (especially if it’s small) but earth tones can change the feel of any space — without adding noise. TIP: Think soft greys, blues, blush pinks, and pale greens.