Barre workouts combine challenging and engaging movements with focused concentration to build strength in both your mind and your body. Barre is a great fit for all fitness levels and is geared towards those looking to work every muscle and leave standing taller and feeling stronger!   We are breaking down some of our go-to leg-shaking barre moves while providing some alternative movements for potential sensitivities or injuries. Let’s break it down!    

The move – Flat back chair

  FlatbackChair   3 sets of 8 pulses with an 8 second hold at the end (pulse, mid range and full range of motion)   The technique:

  1. Parallel lines
  2. Knees over ankles
  3. 90-degree angle with knees bent
  4. Hips aligned with knees
  5. Shins parallel to wall in front of you
  6. Feet parallel
  7. Back straight
  8. Abs braced
  9. Pulling away from the bar

The modification: Knee and shoulder sensitivity Keep your hips higher than your knees to ease tension on both knees and shoulders.    

The move – Narrow V:

  SmallV   3 sets of 8 pulses with an 8 second hold at the end (pulse, mid range and full range of motion)   The technique:

  1. Heels together, toes 3-4 inches apart
  2. Knees bent over toes
  3. Heels lifted off floor 2 inches
  4. Vertical body alignment
  5. Abs braced
  6. Light hand grip on the barre

The modification: Knee sensitivity Keep your body higher and don’t lessen the bend in your knees. Ankle injury If there is pain in your ankles, keep your feet flat.     Barre is all about concentration and composure. So once you’re ready, grab your grippy socks and master your form!