By Elizabeth Jarrard
With namasDAY right around the corner, and National Yoga Month in full swing it’s no surprise that Yoga is on the top of our minds right now. An amazing workout, spiritual practice, and way to stretch out the stress of everyday life, this tradition carried over from India is now a key part of many Americans’ lifestyle. As we incorporate more yoga moves into our lifestyle we want to be sure that we are fueling the sport. These 4 tips will take your yoga practice to the next level.
1. Hydrate
Not only is hydration key for weight management, mood regulation and overall health, it is always important to be hyper-aware of when working out. The main source of hydration should be wonderful water. When we’re sweating more—in heated yoga, in these last days of summer, or running around the city—it’s imperative that you are also replenishing electrolytes. When we sweat we also lose sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. When looking for an electrolyte replacement beverage that is made with few fillers and no artificial sweeteners. Vega Electrolyte Hydrator contains simply essential minerals and stevia—a natural no-calorie sweetener made from plants. Mixing it with coconut water makes a delicious beverage pre, during and post workout!
2. Prepare
Preparation is essential for a great workout. Your body uses carbohydrates first when working out, so give it fuel with a whole-food that is rapidly digested, such as fruit 30 min before a yoga session. If you’re coming straight from work and fighting an afternoon slump, consider a beverage that has both carbohydrates and holistic stimulants like yerba mate and green tea for an even energy boost without the jitters. Vega Pre-Workout Energizer not only tastes great, but it will get you in the zone with energy to burn.
3. Recover
To recover rapidly from your workout you need to give your fatigued muscles a blend of carbohydrates and protein. If you’re not hungry right after yoga, smoothies are a great way to give your body the nutrition it deserves. Mix a minimally processed clean protein powder with a nondairy milk, and frozen fruit for a creamy post-workout treat. Vega Sport Performance Protein will give your body not only 25 grams of multi-sourced plant-based protein, but a therapeutic dose of Branched-chain Amino Acids for ideal body composition. Mix Vanilla Performance Protein] with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1 cup black cherries will give you body the fuel to build stronger muscles after yoga.
4. Eat With Intention
Just as yoga is a practice in mindful meditation, let your meals be an extension of this ritual. Savor each bite, and eat it with a conscious mind, rather than heading to the cupboard in a daze. Treat your body with the respect it deserves, and fuel it with foods that tastes good and is good for both you and the world!
May food fuel your practice, bring it to the next level, and be an extra reason to celebrate National Yoga Month with exhale during namasDAY—look in your swag bag for these Vega goodies!
Elizabeth Jarrard is a Registered Dietitian based in Boston MA. As an educator for Vega she shares her love for kale, smoothies, plant-based nutrition, and sweat with everyone she can. Her favorite yoga pose is Dancer and you will find her stretching it out with you this Yoga month. Share how you fuel your practice with her at @ElizabethEats & @Vegateam @ExhaleSpa