Therapies are performed in 60- or 90-minute sessions.


FLOW $230 | $290

Our signature full-body massage with amazing, choreographed waves of kneading to open locked muscles, free energy blockages, and relieve tension. Incorporating more lymphatic drainage than a traditional deep tissue, resulting in greater detoxification and an enhanced boost to the immune system. 60 or 90 minutes.

TRANQUILITY $215 | $280

A Swedish-based therapy combining the best-known therapeutic massage practices to provide an unparalleled hour of relaxation. Rhythmic massage movements are coupled with the use of powerful aromatherapy oils. Customize your massage with your choice of an uplifting, detoxifying, or relaxing herbal blend. 60 or 90 minutes.

DEEP TISSUE $230 | $290

Focus on those overworked muscles living well below the surface with this intensely therapeutic massage. Designed to relieve pain associated with muscle knots, heavy physical activity, and everyday stress, this therapy is deliberate and customized, targeting specific areas in need of relief. 60 or 90 minutes.

RECOVERY $230 | $290

A restful yet thorough massage that repairs your fatigued muscles. Whatever your needs, this massage is built to improve flexibility, help prevent injuries, and prepare your mind and body for optimal performance. Includes the use of a Theragun to target specific muscles. 60 or 90 minutes.


Massaging for two? Designed specifically for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, this deeply soothing therapy works to improve circulation, reduce swelling in hands and feet, and release tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Note: exhale does not perform massages in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. 60 minutes.


Polish your skin like never before with exhale’s signature body scrub therapy. Exfoliate and improve your skin, detoxify your body and increase circulation with a mix of dry brushing and a custom sugar & salt scrub. Customize your therapy with one of 3 luxurious scent options from Sothys: Orange Blossom & Cedar, Cinnamon & Ginger, or Lemon & Petitgrain. 60 minutes.


This best of both worlds therapy will leave your body and mind glowing. The detoxification and exfoliation of our signature Glow Body Scrub is combined with the healing and de-stressing powers of massage for glow-it and show-it results. A rich application of antioxidant moisturizer follows. Customize your therapy with one of 3 luxurious scent options from Sothys: Orange Blossom & Cedar, Cinnamon & Ginger, or Lemon & Petitgrain. 90 minutes.


Immerse yourself in our brand new 90-minute exotic body ritual featuring a luxurious enzymatic body gel exfoliation, terracotta scrubbing stone and a warm amber oil. With the sweet, warm and woody notes of the oil and gentle stretching and pressure, expect an incredibly relaxing full-body experience. 90 minutes.



Therapies are performed in 60- or 90-minute sessions.


REVIVE  $215 | $280

A thorough cleansing and application of a custom enzyme exfoliation perfectly revives the skin for complexion detox. Careful extractions* follow — made as painless as possible by our skilled estheticians — and then a soothing mask, selected specifically for your skin type is applied. Your face will feel refreshed and restored. 60 or 90 minutes.

FIRE & ICE $230 | $290

Experience the resurfacing and rejuvenation of the legendary Fire & Ice Facial. Designed to resurface the skin, this professional treatment involves the combination of warming and cooling sensations that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated rapidly and safely. 60 or 90 minutes.

CLARIFYING $250 | $295

A targeted treatment for oily, problematic, and blemished skin. Concentrated formulas help to reduce oil, absorb impurities, exfoliate, soothe and balance the skin. A deep pore cleanse and clarifying mask aid in healing and refreshing the skin, while working towards an even, clear complexion. 60 or 90 minutes.

LIFT & GLOW $275

A result-driven microcurrent treatment that utilizes advanced technology to improve facial contour and lift and tone the face. The Lift & Glow treatment works best as a monthly facial service, as results build with time. 60 minutes.


This high-performance facial combines four sources of hyaluronic acids with patented active ingredients to quench, hydrate, and plump dehydrated skin. The client experiences deep relaxation movements to calm the body and mind, as products help to create a hydrated glow. 90 minutes.


The gold standard in facial treatments, this transformative anti-aging treatment harnesses the power of Rose Stem cells, Peach Leaf Extract and Precious Porcelain Flower delivered in a eight step ritual featuring an exclusive facial toning massage along with a cooling porcelain spoon massage. Light delicate scents and soft, rich textures envelop the skin while powerful actives help to stimulate cell renewal, tighten and tone the skin, reduce microinflammation and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses. 90 minutes.


Enliven your complexion with technology-driven and botanically-based peels that naturally lift dull skin while infusing nourishing, cell-stimulating botanicals below — all with little-to-no discomfort or residual redness. Gentle yet thorough extractions follow peel application, as does a luxurious facial massage. 60 minutes.


Exhale’s ultimate red-carpet treatment. This treatment combines the science of microcurrent, traditional practice of gua sha, LED, and luxurious products to cleanse, lift, tone, and hydrate the skin leaving clients glowing, hydrated, and ready for any big event. 90 minutes.


Exhale’s new all-in-one recovery ritual available as an add-on to your spa therapy $75


Experience the healing properties of salt and ultimate recovery, no matter what your needs are in just under 30 minutes. Our Salt Lounge Journey is a recovery ritual featuring heated, zero-gravity chairs with sound and vibrational therapy, compression boots, LED face mask, sleep goggles, and an optional IV drip add-on from our exclusive IV menu by Drip Hydration. *must be booked in advance