Author:Jessica Klein – Licensed Acupuncturist at Exhale Central Park South   Poking yourself with sharp objects might not seem like the best way to relieve stress, but looks can be deceiving! Stress is a part of our everyday lives, but our reaction to these stressors is what determines the course of our future health.   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at stress from a different perspective than you would find in western medicine. Stress has a direct connection to the energy of your Liver, which functions to promote the smooth circulation of your energy (called qi in TCM) throughout your body.   The Liver qi of the body wants to run wild like a gypsy…Imagine cruising down the highway, taking in the scenery & jamming out to your favorite tunes…and then you hit traffic. You’re not feeling so free spirited anymore, right? Maybe experiencing some anger and frustration?

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