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When you’re living an active and fast-paced lifestyle jam-packed with meetings, workouts, dinner dates, and (hopefully) the occasional weekend getaway, it is pivotal to prioritize a habitual routine of self-care that not only makes you feel centered and renewed, but that strengthens your immunity and your overall ability to remain consistently healthy. In order for us all to stay on our glow game while feeling our absolute best for all of the things that life has in store, we’ve got a plan in place that checks all of the wellbeing boxes. These curated therapies, experienced regularly, yield some seriously gleaming long-term health benefits that you simply can’t pass up. Let’s break down these featured therapies along with all the ways they will strengthen both your long-term and short-term wellbeing
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Fusion Massage
This Swedish-based therapy gives you an hour of unparalleled calm and restoration. Combining rhythmic movements with the use of powerful aromatherapy oils, your wellbeing is bound for balance and detoxification. An immediate sense of calm meets long-term benefits that could give your overall health the strength you need to maintain your wellbeing. Incorporate massage into your regular routine to reap the benefits.

Benefits of regular massage
Improved mood and mental health
Strengthen immune system
Aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure
Improves quality of sleep
Healthy circulation
Pain relief/ lower inflammation

The True Facial
This tried and true Exhale facial starts off with a thorough consultation with a skilled esthetician to discuss your skin type, any concerns you may have, and the goals you are hoping to achieve along the way. This therapy gives your skin a detoxifying refresh while giving you the opportunity to work with a professional in mapping out a skin plan built for success. Your esthetician will set you up for your return visit, in addition to providing you with all the steps you should be following at home to maintain your glow. Along with all of the amazing visible results you’ll see from receiving regular facials, you will also be setting yourself up to experience some undeniable overall health benefits that you simply cannot pass up.

Benefits of regular facials
Routine deep cleaning
Improved circulation
Slows aging process
Helps treat specific skin issues
Access to professional guidance
Fuels an overall positive mindset

This 5000-year old curative practice is proven to work wonders on your wellbeing. Routine sessions of acupuncture aid in benefiting all disease, as well as emotional and spiritual imbalances. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, results are cumulative and routine visits are recommended in order to yield the strongest results both mentally and physically.

Benefits of regular acupuncture
Relieves anxiety
Eases headaches
Helps with body-aches
Aids in digestion
Eases allergies and respiratory illnesses

With spring right around the corner, don’t leave your health hanging. Take charge of your routine and give your body the long-term health-boosting benefits it deserves with a plan that is worthy of your glow. Learn more about how to save big on a sensational spa plan for spring!

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By Dr. Robert MacDonald: Director or Healing at Exhale

Stress suppresses our immune system and impacts our health on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Most of the time, we don’t make a conscious connection to the cause (stress) and the effect, as it is occurring in our daily lives. When we do notice this feeling of stress, we rarely have the tools at hand to deal with it in the moment. Have you ever wished you had a simple method to knock your stress back a few notches, when you need it the most? This simple technique is here to help:

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