Author: Jessica Klein – Licensed Acupuncturist at Exhale Central Park South   Have you been looking for an outlet to escape the chaos of the city? Acupuncture may be the answer for you!   Most people find themselves intrigued when they hear the word acupuncture, but are often unsure whether it’s the right experience for them. At Exhale we combine the spa vibes with this 5,000 year old practice to provide a true wellbeing experience.   What’s really going on with Acupuncture? Our goal is to be in balance — too much of anything (bad OR good) can lead to us feeling out of whack. Chinese Medicine will look at your body in terms of yin & yang; two opposing forces that are in a constant dance just hoping to be equals. Simply put: When these two are in balance, Nina Simone’s “I’m Feeling Good” is stuck in our heads on repeat. When the two are out of balance you’re craving sweets, tired, bloated, insomnia, irritable, and all the aches & pains. This balance is controlled by a vital life force called qi, which circulates along channels throughout our body. The yin & yang imbalance and obstruction of normal qi flow is what leads to the development of illness. Based on your individual presentation, your acupuncturist will choose specific points that will help to promote your body’s own self-healing ability and bring you to a state of balance.   Want some science? The tiny hair-like needles will have a not so tiny effect on your nervous system. The stimulation will trigger the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine to bring you to a dreamy state. All these feel good neurotransmitters will help to regulate your sleep, mood and much more. The fun doesn’t stop there…it will also reduce cortisol levels, which will influence your stress and digestion. The end goal is to create homeostasis within the body so that it can return to normal function.   Does it hurt? This is the golden question. The acupuncture needles are tiny and patients often report feeling nothing or a slight sensation of pressure as the needle connects with the energy of that point. Most people find themselves sink into a deep state of relaxation or fall asleep during the treatment.   Did we spark some interest? Come into Exhale today to get your acupuncture questions answered by one of our licensed practitioners! Or if you’ve never tried acupuncture at Exhale, sign up for our 20/20 express therapy (20 minutes for $20) and see what the hype is all about!   Book your next acupuncture here!