BY: DR. ROBERT MACDONALD, exhale’s National Director of Healing
 It might not seem like it in some parts of the country, but spring is here! During the 4 seasonal transitions, there is often a spike in colds, flues, seasonal allergies, etc. That’s because it’s easy for our bodies to get out-of-sync with seasonal changes. Sometimes that’s because of the artificial environment we live in. We’re glued to our devices and our desks, and not spending enough time letting our bodies adjust. So, here are three simple ways to get your body in sync with the change of season! Reconnecting with nature and the seasons. One way we can get back in tune with the changing seasons is to simply pay attention to them. Spend a few minutes meditating on the changing season. It’s a pleasant way to engage your mind during meditation, and it’ll benefit your mind and body. You’ll start to wake up to spring. Spending time in “actual” nature. There is so much research that describes the benefits of “reconnecting” to nature. Volumes have been written on what happens to modern human beings when they spend time in nature. And guess what? It’s real. Spending time outside makes you healthier, happier, and more resistant to seasonal illnesses. Take a walk in your local park. Get out to nearby hiking trails. Go to local farmers markets and pick up some seasonal produce. Bring home spring flowers and foliage so that you can invite the colors and scents of spring into your home. Get an acupuncture tune up. This centuries-old holistic medicine helps your body move seamlessly from one season to the next. Everyone is dealing with different issues, and therefore, each acu-healing session is unique to your needs. The resulting internal harmony and balance allow you to transition through the seasons with ease. And it just feels amazing! Book your next spa therapy here. Wishing all of you a most healthy and happy Spring! Dr. Robert MacDonald Exhale Director of healing