By: Dr. Robert MacDonald, exhale’s National Director of Healing

Do the holidays stress you out? That’s ok, it happens to all of us. Parties, dinner planning, travel, out–of-town guests, and of course, decadent indulgence in your favorite foods and drinks all add up to holiday anxiety. As fun as the holidays may be, all of the activities, planning, and over-doings can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

The good news? We can identify the sources of our holiday stressors and do something about it.

Late nights, over-indulgence, and all the planning and managing increase cortisol (the primary stress hormone). This can have a cascading impact on your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Enter: acupuncture, a natural regulator of the endocrine (hormone) systems. This is why acupuncture is so effective for the treatment of insomnia, monthly cycle issues, weight control, and yes, stress.

Here’s how it works: acupuncture targets specific points on your body that modulate and regulate your endocrine system — a practice that’s proven to significantly lower cortisol levels. One essential point commonly used for stress relief is called Yin Tang. This point is on the forehead and is associated with the third eye in other healing traditions. A wonderfully meditative point, Yin Tang acts to calm the spirit, relax the mind, and ease the body (and those stress levels).

In addition to alleviating your holiday season stresses, acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions. At exhale, we offer personalized acupuncture therapies based on your specific needs. You’ll leave balanced and ready to tackle anything, including your mother-in-law’s annual holiday party.

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