By: Robert MacDonald, exhale’s rockstar acupuncturist and National Director of Healing

Change. Can you feel it? Things are changing. Days are getting longer, nights becoming shorter. We’re moving towards spring! The entire world, along with every tiny microcosm and every massive ecosystem, is moving toward change as we pass from one complete seasonal cycle to a whole new year. And so are you! On some level, consciously or unconsciously, you can feel it. This change is written in your DNA.

Early in the new year, a lot of us mark this change by making resolutions. These resolutions often fade by the time spring arrives in full force. Too often, we’re too distracted and can’t achieve “real” change.

So I want to challenge you: what would real change look like? What if you could shift the energy of your body? What could a person, so attuned, accomplish in the coming year? Imagine crushing your goals this spring.

What if I told you that you can do it? Your body, mind, and spirit are well-equipped for managing change. You (might) just need a little help sometimes.

Here are three guiding principles to put you on your way to being the “Master of Change” in your life:

1. Intention: Know what your objective is, and what it takes to get there.

2. Action: Now that you know how, and what tools are available, you need to map out a plan, a program. And then work that plan. Manifest your intention.

3. Evaluation: Review your progress and process, and see what’s working. And then make adjustments where needed. Frequently examine your life. See where you can further optimize.

Sound doable? It is! And, just by the way: acupuncture is one of the greatest tools available to help you implement these steps. You’ll align your body with your intention, and affect the change you want to see in your life, be it weight loss, injury prevention, stress management, increased immunity…you name it. It’s an ancient way of healing, and it can bring your body (and mind) back to their balance and actually change your life! Believe it.

Here’s hoping you’ll crush your goals this spring! Maybe I’ll even see you in the therapy room.