It’s no secret that one of the best ways melt away stress, ease muscle pain and boost your overall energy is to get a massage. Massages feed your wellbeing like chocolate feeds the soul. With that in mind, it can be blissfully enjoyable and physically beneficial to incorporate massages into your routine.   Whether you’re sore from a challenging workout, or the inevitable stresses of life are getting to you, a massage is the perfect way to bring you balance and rejuvenation. A Fusion Massage is the perfect balance of rhythmic massage and powerful aromatherapy oils.   The 60 minute Swedish-based therapy normally priced at $150 is now part of our Summer Spa 3-Pack for just $325. You can enjoy three Fusion Massages, or you can pick from our selection of therapies including facialsmassages and acupuncture! Learn more about our Summer Spa 3-pack here.   Or book your Fusion Massage here.