By: Robert MacDonald, exhale’s National Director of Healing and the ultimate mindfulness expert

We are bombarded with a million tiny stressors from all directions throughout the day. Sometimes stress is minor, and sometimes it can be significant. But the reality is that we accumulate stress moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day. This is something we can’t change — it’s part of being a human being. But we can learn to manage stress and even master it.

Part of why stress so negatively impacts us is that we tend to get swept up in it. Taken away from the present moment, we turn our focus outward to become embroiled in the problem we are being confronted with. This diminishes our enjoyment of daily life, and it negatively impacts our wellbeing. But there is a simple way we can mindfully and masterfully counter this tendency.

The acupuncture point called Yin Tang is located on the forehead right between the eyebrows, and then about ½ and inch up. This powerhouse center is known to calm the spirit, relax the mind, and ease the body. It’s simple to tap into Yin Tang anywhere, anytime — here’s how.

Locate the point on your forehead, right between your eyebrows, and about ½ inch up. With the tip of your middle finger, gently, lightly and rapidly tap the point. Close your eyes, breathe gently and evenly, and tap for about 60 seconds.

When you stop, you should realize a few things. First, you have shifted your attention (and intention) to the present moment, reestablishing a natural state mindfulness. Second, you should have a lingering and very pleasant feeling in the area of the Ying Tang point. And finally, you should be significantly more focused, balanced, and centered.

This simple and easy self-healing tool can be used anytime, anywhere, to counter stress, and bring you a sense of peace and focus.