Spring is the season for cleaning out and sprucing up. That’s why we want to encourage you to give your stomach a little cleansing TLC.   Eastern healing meets Exhale-style rejuvenation with the Acu-Organ Detox. This healing therapy releases toxins, relaxes your abdominal muscles and improves your digestive movement. Now, let’s get down to bodily business and break down the details of the acu-organ detox. Exhale’s Director of Healing, Dr. Robert Macdonald, shares his insight into the ancient healing practice.   What is the Acu-Organ Detox? The Acu-Organ Detox treatment combines gentle acupuncture, warm castor oil packs on the abdominal, and abdominal massage to help the body process and eliminate toxins and waste.   How does the detox benefit your body? By strengthening the organs of detoxification and elimination, increasing circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids through the abdominal region. The Acu-Organ Detox clears stagnation, relieves gas and bloating, and enhances digestion and elimination.   How often should one undergo the Acu-Organ Detox in order to maximize the benefits? The Acu-Organ Detox is a must for the changing of the season when the body needs some help moving through the change. But it is a wonderful tool for maintenance of the digestive system, and is gentle enough to receive it weekly. A surprising side effect of the AOD is a temporarily flatter tummy.   Are there any specific dietary guidelines that one should keep in mind for before and or after the detox? Don’t eat right before this treatment, but at the same time, don’t skip meals. So, a light meal or snack an hour or so before treatment is fine.     And during the month of April ENJOY 25% OFF YOUR ACU-ORGAN DETOX     Psstttt…Lend us your ears!   For an extra dose of stress relief to prolong the effects of your therapy, ask your Exhale acupuncturist for an ear seed! Ear seeding is a needle free stimulation of acupuncture points on the ear. This is called Auricular Therapy. The ear has the power to impact the entire body and mind through pressure points. An ear seed can calm the spirit, relax the mind, and ease the body. PLUS you’ll look like you’re rocking an edgy cartilage earring.