Warmer days are fast approaching, and that means it’s almost time for tank tops, lazy beach days and sun-kissed skin. To prep for the sunnier days ahead, it’s important to refresh and restore your skin after a long winter. While restoring your skin to a healthy glow, you also have to build up its strength in order to be protected from the sun. Let’s get ready for summer with some replenishing self-love for your skin.   Hydrate hydrate hydrate! 

Drinking plenty of water can improve the overall complexion of your skin and can help reduce your likeliness of pesky breakouts. Fill up that water bottle and keep sippin’!   Protect 

Sunscreen is a vital part of keeping your skin healthy and protected from the sun. Avoid long term damage by lathering up in the morning before you head out to enjoy the rays.   Exfoliate, moisturize and renew with an Exhale Summer Spa Pack. 

Choose any 3-pack combo of these four therapies for a balanced pre-summer regimen!   Fusion Massage 

An uplifting and detoxifying massage to set you on a balanced and healthy track for summer. Keeping mind and body tension-free is important to keeping yourself healthy and glowing.   True Facial

 A rejuvenating facial that exfoliates and cleanses your skin. Out with dry winter skin and in with the glowing summer complexion!   Acupuncture 

Re-set and re-balance with a dose of ancient healing. A calm center reflects outward and leaves you with a bright and refreshed feeling from the inside out.   Body Scrub 

Brush away dead skin and detoxify your body using dry brush and body scrubbing techniques to exfoliate away flaky, dry skin. A rich application of antioxidant moisturizer brings your body to a level of radiance that is sure to leave you feeling confident and ready for the warm weather!   Once you feel rejuvenated from head to toe, you’ll be beaming from the inside out. Get ready to break out your chic summer outfits, use that new shimmering highlighter, and ooze confidence as you conquer Summer 2019!   SPLASH INTO THE SUMMER SPA PACK!