As we start to see the light of spring nearing closer and closer, we are beginning to build a fresh wellbeing plan that will carry us through to the warmer months! In addition to getting a head start on our spring fitness and spa routines for spring, we are starting to think about how we can reset our eating habits in a way that will keep us strong and healthy from the inside out! In honor of National Nutrition Month, we are highlighting some select foods and how they play key roles in keeping our skin glowing and healthy, and our bodies strong and refreshed. Let’s break it down!

For your skin…

Brussels Sprouts
Your mom was definitely onto something when she forced you to eat this infamous green. Brussels sprouts are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which play a huge role in maintaining a glowing complexion! Drizzle with olive oil and give them a roast for a delicious side dish. 

This delicious superfood holds all the magic when it comes to keeping your skin supple, moisturized and breakout free. The omeda-3 fatty acids found in foods like salmon are a huge source of vitamin E and which helps to keep inflammation at bay, and speeds up the way your skin heals. Pair it with a yummy green, and a healthy grain for a balanced and hearty meal.

For your body…

This leafy green is a power-packed source of iron, vitamin C, and other minerals that help to support a healthy metabolism and maintain your energy. When you’re working hard and prioritizing your fitness, it’s important to give yourself the fuel that your body needs in order to perform at its best. Foods like kale are so versatile and can be incorporated into any tasty dish. Sautee with some olive oil and lemon to serve along with a protein you love, and we guarantee you’ll wake up feeling like a superhero. 

This fan favorite is an amazing source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which work to keep you feeling full longer. When you feel full longer, you have more energy to conquer your workouts and everything else your day holds. It also keeps you from going for the bag of chips when you start to crash. To add to the magic, when you’re eating foods with healthy fats, you’re more likely to experience less soreness from your challenging workouts and therefor you’ll feel your body recovering much faster. Make it a habit by adding slices of avocado to your salads or even throwing it in a green smoothie for an extra dose of nutrition!

We are all about giving our guests all of the tools needed to experience total wellbeing. Looking ahead, we are thrilled to give you the fuel for a dynamic fitness routine, a glowing spa plan, and some go-to nutritional gems that will make your wellbeing that much stronger.