When you get a taste of that elusive rush of total wellbeing, you’re going to want more of it.   More inner calm. More outer strength. More head-to-toe, mind-body satisfaction.   No matter what your more is, we can give it to you — however and whenever you want it. Whether you’re looking to focus on fitness, sink into spa, or bask in a balance of both, you have the freedom to customize your overall experience. To help you build your perfect Exhale experience, we are breaking down all our membership options.  

  FITNESS MEMBERSHIP: Unlimited classes to fuel your fire. Barre – Leave no muscle untouched. Tone and shake with every move. (Trust us – it burns so good.) Cardio – Reach maximum burn and push past your edge with cardio and interval training Yoga – Breathe deep. Break a sweat. Flow it out. Leave it all on your mat. HIIT – Advance your metabolism, heighten your energy, and keep burning calories all day long   Month-to-month and annual options Learn More  

    SPA MEMBERSHIP: Make yourself a priority with monthly spa therapies. Choose from a select list of MassagesFacials, and Acupuncture…Every. Single. Month.   Just $105/month Learn More  

    FITNESS + SPA MEMBERSHIP: Total wellbeing, inside and out. One monthly spa therapy 4 monthly fitness classes   Month-to-month and annual options Learn more  

  Plus all memberships include always on discounts on boutique purchases, private training sessions, and additional spa therapies — all in an environment that was designed to inspire and motivate.   It’s not a luxury to take a moment to exhale – it’s essential. And it’s your right to experience the high of real wellbeing all day, every day.   Are you ready to make yourself feel head-to-toe amazing on the regular?   Join us and take what’s yours.