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acupuncture + energetic therapies

acupuncture + energetic therapies


Needle your way to better health with acupuncture. This 5000-year old curative practice calls for the painless insertion of tiny pins into distinct points on the body. It benefits all disease, as well as emotional and spiritual imbalances. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, results are cumulative and multiple visits are therefore recommended.



Consider this needle-free therapy a reverse massage. Skin is lifted through suction, bringing blood to the surface and improving circulation. Cupping benefits the lungs, treating coughs and asthma, and combats pain in multiple areas of the body. Expect some painless discoloration on the skin.



A unique, healing therapy, Reiki restores the body to equilibrium through the transfer of beneficial energy. Treatment can be localized to the site of a specific ailment or conducted across the body. You will enjoy feelings of warmth and comfort, and may very well find yourself in a deep state of relaxation.



Get a total tune up with this relaxing and gentle therapy, which leverages tuning forks to relieve pain, increase mental focus, and create a general sense of wellbeing. Specific points on the body may be targeted, as well as the overall aura. This non-invasive approach to healing is a perfect complement to other restorative therapies.



Acupuncture meets abdominal massage and an incredibly cleansing, detoxifying hour of results. Begin your therapy with a tailored acupuncture session targeting the digestive system. Then relax with a hot oil abdominal massage. Toxins are released and organ function enhanced. You will feel lighter and energized across the day.

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