Exhale’s Top 5 Reasons to Sweat With a Friend 25 Aug 2015


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sweat with friends

By: Madison Wright, MS Blog Coordinator + exhale teacher We’ve all heard the phrase, “two’s company, three’s a crowd.” Well, that might be true on date night, but there’s evidence to the contrary when it comes to maximizing your exercise performance. Turns out, there’s a plethora of benefits to working

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Kat and Will BBC

By: Madison Wright exhale blog coordinator + core fusion teacher Announcing exhale’s very first Bridal Boot Camp Couple!! That’s right, shaping up before the big day is no longer just for the ladies, it’s spanning the sexes and exhale’s got your sneak peek into the fitness journey of a lifetime!

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Hometown: Boston What I do at exhale: Mind Body Manager at exhale Back Bay for almost 9 years! I am also honored to be one of the six Subject Matter Experts that have been working on the accreditation of the exhale Barre Teacher Training Program! My background: A dancer from

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