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Shannon Jones

Stress has numerous adverse affects on the body. It increases your body’s cortisol levels. It makes you crave sugary or fatty food. It can disrupt your sleep. Stress affects every aspect of your life, including your skin. I see many guests who need solutions for chronic breakouts, dark circles, and

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Kayleigh Pleas

by Kayleigh Pleas, Core Fusion teacher   The number of self-help books topping the New York Times Best Seller List every week is a testament to society’s desperation for wellbeing. Flourishing is the term psychologists use to describe individuals who function at extraordinarily high levels psychologically and socially. These individuals

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Elizabeth Jarrard

By Elizabeth Jarrard   With namasDAY right around the corner, and National Yoga Month in full swing it’s no surprise that Yoga is on the top of our minds right now. An amazing workout, spiritual practice, and way to stretch out the stress of everyday life, this tradition carried over

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