Halloween is Your NEW New Years! 30 Oct 2015


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Happy Halloween Pumpkin

madison wright, ms blog coordinator + core fusion teacher The holiday of Halloween has deep roots, dating back more than 2000 years ago; the pumpkin seed trail leads us to the Celtic culture of the Druids of who lived in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe. Halloween, originally dubbed “All Hallows

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breast cancer run

By: Madison Wright, MS Blog Coordinator + Core Fusion Teacher October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time when women and men around the world unite wearing the color pink in support of breast cancer survivors, and for those that we’ve lost, as a symbol of hope for a

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face wash

By: Susan Tomback VP of Sales and Marketing We’ve all heard the phrase “pH balanced,” but what does that mean to us in the world of skincare? Potential of hydrogen, or pH, measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity in a substance, and since our bodies are composed of over

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